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The history of the Chalet Wegmacher in Kirchberg

Until the 1970s, many Tyrolean communities had the profession of road maker. The roads and forest tracks for agricultural use were usually gravel or dirt roads and had to be newly built or maintained. Two-wheeled carts, shovels and brooms were the most common tools used by road makers.

One of the first path makers in the municipality of Kirchberg was Mr. Johann Schiessl. He practiced the profession of path maker throughout his life. In 1936, he built a wooden house on the property, which became known throughout the hamlet of Spertendorf as the “Wegmacherhäusl”.

In 2015, the dilapidated “Wegmacherhäusl” was replaced by the Wegmacher Chalet. During construction, the Leiter family reused several building materials and objects from the historic Wegmacherhäusl. Guests in Chalet Wegmacher will find, for example, the kitchen stove in the kitchen that was used to heat the entire Wegmacherhäusl and prepare all meals. The 80-year-old wooden floors were also reused for the interior fittings.

Chalet Wegmacher

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